Hotel Towels 22×34 Bath Mat


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Description Hotel Towels 22×34 Bath Mat
Weight 9.00 lbs
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Hotel Towels 22×34 Bath Mat are essential items that provide safety, comfort, and cleanliness to guests as they step out of the shower or bathtub. The 22×34 bath mat size is a popular choice for hotels, offering adequate coverage and absorbency for guests to dry their feet. When selecting hotel bath mats, consider the following factors to ensure you provide your guests with high-quality, durable, and comfortable mats:

  1. Material: Choose bath mats made from high-quality materials, such as 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, or Turkish cotton. These materials are known for their softness, absorbency, and durability. Additionally, you can consider using memory foam bath mats for added comfort and non-slip properties.
  2. Weight: Bath mat weight is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). A higher GSM indicates a thicker, heavier, and more absorbent mat. For bath mats, a GSM range of 800-1200 is ideal, providing excellent absorbency and a plush feel.
  3. Construction: The construction of a bath mat can affect its softness, absorbency, and durability. Look for mats with a tightly-woven or double-looped construction, as these tend to be more absorbent and long-lasting. Non-slip backing or rubberized undersides are also important for safety.
SKU No. HT-2234-ECS-BM
Description Hotel Towels 22×34 Bath Mat
Weight 9.00 lbs

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